we sleep in our jeans


After months of procrastinating, I’ve done the deed and order the casebook. Wahey me.


That moment when you’re watching season two episode one of Sherlock and you’re like…

keep walking…please keep walking!

today i woke up like this

Suddenly I was disturbed by a text from my friend asking where i was (i take her to school) so i checked my cloc…

so i get to her house and her mom waves and says “drive safe!” 

pshhhh, i always drive safe…

we arrive at the school and get to class as the tardy bell rings and im all like

like a boss.

dedicated to Hailey C.D.

So now any time im in a good mood, smiling, laughing, just overall happy… my mom says “There is no more Chuck and Blair” Instantly my smile fades and i go to the corner of my room where i proceed to curl up in a ball and weep.

pea soup!

pea soup!

best. movie. ever.

wish i had these skills

wish i had these skills

if only…

if only…